How to Showcase Your Unique Style with Window Treatments

Every person is unique, and so is their design style. With so many colors, patterns, textures, and aesthetics, there are many options to choose from, making it easier for each individual to express their taste. With all the design styles out there, people tend to gravitate to one style that represents them. Well, guess what! There are window treatments that are perfect for your design style.

To help you complete all the design puzzles in your house, I will share some insider information about the best window treatment option for your design style. And don’t you worry. If you still are not exactly sure what design style best describes you, that is okay. I will include a few details about each style to help guide you to your type.

1. The Traditionalist

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Let’s start with the traditional design style. Here you typically see classic furnishings, elegant wallpaper, beautiful curtains, antique accents, patterned or textured rugs. You may also see statement lighting and a thoughtful color scheme. This style is timeless and comforting.

The best window treatments to complete the traditionalist design are roman shades in a tonal or straightforward pattern. Another great option is plantation shutters, as they are timeless. You could also do a combination of the two for a regal, layered look that will give you the comfort and classic look you are going for.

2. The Contemporary

Another popular design style is contemporary design. This style tends to be described as: simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines. It showcases the space rather than the things. Contemporary designs are sleek, simple, and spacious.

The best window treatments for a contemporary design will be sleek and straightforward, which will not overpower the room. Some great options are ripple fold draperies, as they will add height to a room without creating clutter. Another option would be a simple roller shade to provide function without impeding the clean line style. Consider neutral colors that take a back seat to the rest of the design of a contemporary space.

3. The Transitionalist

Transitional design is a great mix of traditional and contemporary. The furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics are classic and timeless, taking inspiration from traditional and contemporary designs. It is a very sophisticated design that uses clean lines and incorporates rounded lines as well.

You can go a few ways when it comes to picking the best window treatments for a transitional style. If you lean more towards the traditional side of transitional, try a neutral roman shade. If you lean more contemporary, your best option will be a sleek roller shade or draperies. All of these options are great, but you need to find what will best for you.

4. The Mid-Century Modernist

Mid-Century Modern style is all about clean lines, organic forms, minimal ornamentation, and high functionality. It likes to reimagine traditional furniture in a sleek, new way.   

To complement your Mid-Century Modern style, choose a textured roller shade. This selection will add a natural element to your room without compromising the clean lines. Another way to go would be selecting a wooden blind, as this would complement the organic and minimal ornamentation characteristics of the style.

5. The Industrialist

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Another popular style that has surfaced in recent years is the industrialist style. This new design style takes cues from converted barns, warehouses, and other industrial buildings. It uses distressed wood elements, exposed bricks, and metal accents to create its bold look.

Cellular shades blend perfectly with this industrial style. If you’re looking for something large-scale, sliding barn-door type shutters add beauty, appeal, and function to a space. Make sure to keep the window treatments pretty raw and simple to fit within the industrial style.

6. The Rustic

Last but not least, there is the rustic style. This style is a no-fuss aesthetic that showcases subdued hues’ beauty, comfortable furnishings, and natural materials. Think wood beams or touches of stone or clay when it comes to this style.

To complement the rustic style, considered roman shades in natural materials. Maybe even reminiscent of burlap would be a great option. Wooden plantation shutters for a rustic southern cabin feel would also be a great option to compliment your style.

After breaking down the different styles and the window treatments that work best for each, I have some overall tips I do not want to forget to mention. Regardless of your design style, consider layering treatments for a designer look. And don’t be afraid of adding a pop of color in the hardware or treatments as well.

As you know window treatments are our specialty! So, if you still aren’t sure what your design style is and what window treatments will work best for you, we’d love to help you out. We also have other great blogs that give great tips on window treatments and design styles that might help guide you on your design journey.

If you are unsure of your design style and want some professional assistance – give us a call! We’d be happy to help beautify your windows.

Xoxo, Jill

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