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Turn Your $17 Wreath Into A $170 Wreath

As the years pass, I seem to get more and more excited about decorating for the holidays. Now that the kids are older I have much more time to dedicate to my seasonal decor. Each year, I purchase wreaths and other miscellaneous items from Scouts of America in an effort to both support the organization and make my holiday decorating that much easier. 

Last year, when I was really busy with work, I did not have time to decorate my house for the holidays, so I hired a talented floral designer. She embellished the wreaths I purchased, as well as my window boxes and porch flower pots. She did an amazing job! However, since I have been off on medical leave for awhile I had the time to do it myself and save a little money.

I have both written a tutorial (below) and shot a video for you showing the method that I use to create fabulous looking wreaths for very little cost. Next up, the flower boxes and pots but I have to wait until it is not snowing!!!

Tools and materials needed:


How to Make Your Own

1. Snip off about 10″-20″ of floral wire and fold in half. 
2. Place one end into the hanger on each ornament and twist to secure the wire in place, set aside. Repeat for all ornaments. 

3. Lift up sections of the existing wreath and insert your branches one at a time, in a circular motion. Repeat until the wreath looks full. 

4. Place all decorative holiday balls on, making sure you are attaching to the base wreath to ensure each is secure. 

5. Place bow on the bottom and secure in place with floral wire. Here is a great tutorial for several DIY bows from our friends at Kippi At Home, she also has a video

6. Watch the video for more details. 

We would LOVE to see your creations, please make sure to share with us! If you have some extra time, be sure to make some coordinating porch pots.



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