Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

The Top Trends for 2021: What You Need to Know

We all know trends come and go, just like the big hair of the 80’s and the Velour track suits of the early 2000’s. These top trends had their days of glory and now have passed. As the fashion trends change so do the interior design trends. I am sure we can all think of some interior trends we are so glad are gone. For me it’s shag carpeting in bright colors, see ya, bye! As grateful we are that some trends fade away, some trends are timeless, and we still love today. White kitchens, marble and crown moldings seem to be timeless trends that have been around forever and are loved.

With a new year comes the latest and greatest trends for the season. I am going to share with you 5 of my predictions for 2021. It will cover it all from drapery to design to decor this list has something for everyone to kick of the new year with something fresh and trendy.

Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

1. Vibrant New Color Combos

Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

No more 2020 blues! This year we are excited and looking at blue in a whole new way! Navy blue paired with light neutrals will be making a big splash this year. Navy is a timeless color that pairs well with just about anything. Warm hues will also be very popular this year! We’re talking reds, oranges and yellows. Colors that make you feel warm, comfortable and makes a room feel welcoming. One thing for sure, 2021 is going to be all about picking colors to create soothing spaces.

The top color trends for 2021 are timeless colors, ones that you’ll still be happy with in years to come. I love that blue is trending this year because when I think of blue I think of the sky and ocean, two very soothing things. Blue is such a great color, especially in the darker hues. These are great to use as a subtle accent colors in neutrals rooms. You can add pillows or a throw to bring in some color. You could also, incorporation warmer hues into rooms with the addition of some artwork or other accessories. Also, adding a fun new armchair or window treatments in a warm hue can also elevate your design and the feeling of comfort.

2. Sustainability Throughout the Home

Sustainability has been a trend within the design world for a while and is a top trend in 2021. It is important to think sustainably when designing your home! There are so many great technologies and resource to help you incorporate sustainable ideas into your home. Light woods are predicted to become very popular this year. We will be seeing more natural elements throughout fixtures and finishes. If you are planning to update your home really try to find locally sourced material and goods as one easy way to help the environment.

Also, incorporating sustainability can be so easy, which is what I love. Start simple. Only purchase materials or furniture made from natural materials. Another thing is to avoid VOC’s. Volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature and are found in many common household products including paints, adhesives, cleaning products, furniture and carpets. Luckily, we are starting to move away from products containing VOC’s. They are still out there in products that can easily be substituted for something else. Other great things to do are let natural light in or add a plant to your room. This provides your space with natural beauty and freshness.

Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

3. Warm & Cozy Aesthetics

Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

After 2020 everyone understands how important it is to design a home that feels warm and cozy that makes staying inside for long periods of time okay. In 2021 the warm, cozy feel is at centerstage with some rustic touches to provide year-round comfort. The rustic trend is all about natural materials, simple color scheme and embracing the views of the outdoors. Rustic design is also family friendly as it can wear without concern, because the wear will just seem like it’s meant to be that way giving a room character.

This new trend of creating warm and comfortable spaces is perfect and super easy to do. Simply add lush, rich textures to a room. Or bring in natural woods to warm up a space. You can also pile on the pillows or try layering rugs in a living room to get a cozier feel. One of the easiest ways to change up the mood of your room is to add new accessories. Try adding some  rustic elements that create the feeling you desire.

4. Bolder is Better

These days it is all about making a statement within your home. The top trend for 2021 is bold and textured wallpaper, pop art, dramatic lighting and more used to elevate your interiors to the next level. One place we never knew we needed to be bold and beautiful in our homes was the dedicated home office. With lots of people working from home and having to attend video calls, having a bold and beautiful office as the backdrop in your video is something people are really starting to think about and redesign.

I love that the wallpaper trend has been making such a great comeback in the last few years. Wallpaper is a great way to create a bold statement. It can be used in many rooms and there are so many beautiful options you really can’t go wrong. Also using dramatic colors to create an accent wall within spaces is another easy way to and some bold beauty to your home.

View our interview with Tom Bullington of Hastings Happenings and InMotion Realty, All About Wallpaper! Be sure to Subscribe to Tom’s YouTube channel to watch our monthly YouTube show called Design & Home.

Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

5. Layered, Versatile Windows

Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

The top trend in 2021 for window treatments is to layer! People are layering blinds with curtains, cheer roman shades with lines and many other options. This trend is great because it is versatile based on the time of day. It also enhancing the aesthetic of your home.

When you add multiple window treatments to a room is adds depth and dimension. It also lets you control the lighting in your room in a few different ways. Before you start ask yourself what function you are looking for and then go from there. If you decide to layer decide which layer is going to be the focal point. Let the other one recedes into the background. Whatever you decide to layer, just make sure you hang it the right way, so everything looks perfect.

We need a fresh start to kick of 2021! The top trends for 2021 are great new way to elevate our interiors. Remember you can always start small. And if you need any assistance along the way I would love to help. I am so excited to see the results of the new trends in your homes!

If you’re ready to bring vibrant new colors or bold designs into your home, we’ve got your back! Contact us and let’s get to know each other.

Xoxo, Jill

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