Top 5 Design Tips For A Kid & Pet-Friendly Home

We hear it all of the time. “I will wait to redecorate when the kids move out”, “Sorry about
the stains, I have an old dog”, “I can’t have anything nice, it just gets ruined”. We are
officially here to shout out with our megaphone, “You don’t have to live this way!” You 
heard that right, kids/pets and nice homes DO mix. You can have a beautiful home and it
WILL repel the stains, uphold to the abuse and still look like new!!

Today, I will be sharing some simple tips for materials and strategies that will withstand
years and years of LIFE.

Tip 1: Kid-Friendly Performance Fabrics & Materials
Have you ever heard of Sunbrella? Well, of course you have. They are known for their
fabrics that do not fade in sunlight, and are both water repellent and stain resistant. Well,
there is a new kid on the block folks, performance fabrics . They are relatively new to the
market and let me tell you, these fabrics are sent from the heavens! These fabrics come
with brand names such as Crypton, Revolution, Fibreguard, and Nanotex. They are
incredibly durable AND resist stains, not to mention most are made with no VOC’s (they
are not harmful to the environment or humans). These fabrics can be used on pretty much all
furniture, window treatments, and bedding~ talk about amazing!

Tip 2: Creative, Pet-Friendly Camouflage
When you are choosing a fabric color for your new furniture, consider a color that closely
matches your animals fur color. Why? While it will not eliminate the fur, it will
camouflage your fur kids shedding (at least on the furniture~ha!).

Tip 3: Distressed or Rustic Woods & Textiles
The farmhouse and shabby chic trend is here to stay for awhile. Why is that a good thing?
If you choose furnishings and/or window treatments with a distressed or rustic look in
high traffic areas, you can keep the piece from looking worn over the years. The overuse
will only add more character!

Tip 4: A Balance of Function and Aesthetic
Another great idea for furniture choices is to opt for round tables versus square tables.
Why? Less chipped corners and safer overall for kids and pets. And have you taken a
good look at your lamps and accessories? Perhaps selecting options that are not glass or
fragile would be in your best interest, my go to’s are metal and wood.

Tip 5: Room for Free Movement
Our kids enjoyed chasing each other around our main floor when they were
little. They would giggle and laugh so loud and it was funny to see (until someone got
hurt, of course). I say, let them be kids and let them run, just be sure to leave ample space
around your furniture and accessories.

With all of the options available today I am confident everyone can have a kid and pet-friendly space AND it can still be as elegant and chic as you would like . I encourage you
to find the perfect balance between design aesthetic and function for your family.
If you need a hand picking out the best blend of quality, longevity, and beauty, we’d be
happy to help.


Hello, my name is Jill. I am a type A, self-proclaimed neat-freak, compulsive multitasker, Mom and wife, whose passions are cooking, baking, creating, home decor, fabric, fashion, and of course, family.

Disclosure: This article contains some affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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