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DIY Weekend Kitchen Refresh

As a designer, my home always seems to get overlooked because I am constantly busy beautifying other peoples homes. Sure, I love what I do. However, I had been feeling less than love for my own home for quite some time. Sure, I have added some awesome motorized custom window treatments throughout, high quality custom furniture,

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Thibaut wallpaper trim and fabric from Impressive Windows & Interiors Hastings MN

7 Common Sources of VOC’s in Your Home & What You Can Do About Them

Have you ever noticed a new smell when entering your home? A new book, new candle, new rug, smell of a freshly painted room? These pungent smells are a sign the VOC odors are off gassing in the home creating the smells whether people know it or not. A VOC, or Volatile Organic Compound, is

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Color Splash

Color can change the world! Well, not exactly. But it can change many things. Humans have a subjective response to color. For instance, one couple may insist on adding a yellow hue to their home. While another may contest even the mention of such. Color an important element in any design scheme. Simply changing the

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