Initial Organization Consultation

Time to get excited. You have taken the first step to a more organized and relaxing home. Imagine, everything in its place and knowing where everything is in your home at all times. Does this sound like a fairy tale? It doesn’t have to be. With this package, you will get a full organizational consultation in preparation for our full-service organization service.


1. Can I use this for multiple rooms? Yes, this consultation can be used for multiple rooms in the same home.

2. Can the consultation be online? Yes, you can absolutely schedule this consultation as a virtual appointment.

3. What if I need more time? Absolutely! You can purchase additional time at $150/ hr.

4. Can I reschedule my time? Yes, you can. There is no fee for canceling or rescheduling.

6. Are appointments refundable? The consultation fees are refundable only within the first 24 hours of purchase. We begin preparing for your appointment after that time.

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