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Organize Your Home

It’s the little things, as they say. You can easily organize your home for the new year if you make simple, small changes to your environment. Those strategic choices can bring more joy to you each day, as they essentially eliminate wasted time and increase your productivity. Your simplified daily routine and future success will thank you!


I will be sharing 5 simple tips with you to help make your home work better for you in the coming year.

1. Declutter 

Organizing your home can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. I like to start my organizational efforts by writing out a plan. This year, I plan to dedicate one weekend a month to this project to help overcome any possible stress I might be feeling. I like to start by tackling one room at a time, each month. Using various boxes and bins, I will make three piles. One pile will be for donating, one for keeping and and one for tossing. I look forward to the feeling of lightness and empowerment I will feel, as my uncluttered space is revealed. It might sound crazy, but it even helps me achieve a state of mental clarity.

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shelves- design- interior design- hastings- minnesota

2. Get Organized

How do you go about your day? What daily routines have you adopted? Take these both into consideration as you plan sustainable organization within your home. Pick up some bins or trunks to house larger items or collections. Purchase some baskets, crates or shelving to help organize items in your home used on a regular basis. Once you achieve some structure and definition in this area you will feel free from clutter and have a sense of accomplishment.

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3. Design for Good Habits

Using some staple items, you will create gathering areas around your home. For instance, in our mudroom I have a basket for umbrellas, water bottles, and miscellaneous spring and summer items. Adjacent to that I have a basket with all of my boys swim related gear; such as extra goggles, goggle straps, swim caps and swim suits. When they are done with these items each season they are washed and placed back into the bin. It helps me track what we need at the beginning of the next season.

In the garage I have clear bins for all of our shoes right by the door. It keeps them free of dust, while at the same time housing them in the most convenient place for the next season. I can clearly see what shoes are in each bin before I retrieve the bin off the shelf. Each person in the family has there very own shelf so shoes do not get mixed up.

Also, in the garage I have plastic crates to house all of the other sports equipment we have. All biking equipment goes in two crates (helmets, gloves, locks, fanny packs, portable pumps and extra kickstands). We have another one for squirt guns and other water toys. And yet another for all baseball equipment (gloves, helmets, balls, etc.) These crates not only facilitate organization, they allow smelly items to air out and allow wet items to dry thoroughly.

Each step we take as a family, ensures less time looking for items when they are needed. It’s easy to find the proper item as long as it is put back in it’s proper place. 

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4. Add Colors You Love

Color is also very important when you take this journey. When I was in high school, I would always have a specific colored notebook and matching colored folders for each subject I was taking. For example, I remember green was always for science classes, red was for my mathematics classes and blue was for social studies. Why? Because green was the color that came to my mind when I thought of science, as red did for my math classes and blue for social studies. Funny how I remember that to this day. I adopted this system with each of my boys as well and it helps them stay organized too! Use this to method to help you stay organized or discover your own. What colors inspire you in each of the rooms you plan to organize and add them to your space?

5. Update Your Lighting

And don’t forget, the powerful component of light in your home. Light is essential for many areas and will help encourage the organization process in your home and keep you on a constant path to success. On your office desk, nightstand or side tables make sure you have plenty of task lighting. These are areas where you tend to read books or small font (your eyes will thank you later). Your kitchen is typically one of the most lit areas of your home. There is pendant lighting over the sink and islands, under cabinet lighting for (you guessed it) under the cabinets, as well as can lights, sconces and chandeliers in kitchenettes or other adjoining areas. If you take the time to properly light all areas of your home, it will bring more alertness and comfort during these dreaded dark months of the year.

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Now get out your notebook and start a plan. The new year is the best time to kick this project into high gear. If you take it slow and with intention, you will be setting the stage for living in an organized home and having a clutter-free life in no time at all. Have a great New Year!!

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