5 Kitchen Design Features that will Change How You Live

We can’t wait to show you some kitchen design features that will change how you live.

Do you have a kitchen that just isn’t working for you? Maybe you moved into a new home that wasn’t designed perfectly for you and your design taste. Is your kitchen is lacking storage features that you and your family need? Are your cabinets and backsplash so dated it reminds you of the year you graduated from high school (which is just embarrassing)? Or maybe the space is just too small or just not ideal for you and your lifestyle making cooking and even spending time in your kitchen difficult.

If you are looking to make a few changes to your kitchen or do a total make over, I have several key kitchen design features you should consider. These features will take your dysfunctional features and update it to the look and function you desire for today’s modern living.

1. Built-In Bar or Beverage Center

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If you are someone who loves to entertain or have an adult beverage every now and then having a dedicated place for your beverages and accessories can be a very beneficial kitchen design feature. Your kitchen is made up of several work zones. By adding a dedicated beverage center, away from the main cooking zone, users can easily access what they need without getting in the way of people working in the other zones. Most household refrigerators have limited space as well, so adding a separate beverage refrigerator can free up storage space for food. In addition to the beverage refrigerator have a dedicated area near the refrigerator that houses the glasses or other accessories needed to enjoy a glass a wine or whatever your heart desires, out of the way of everything else.

2. Kitchen Island & Seating

Kitchens are becoming the heart of the home; they are more than just a space for cooking. Kitchens are being used for homework on week nights and a place everyone hangs out during social gatherings on the weekends. Having a kitchen island provides you with additional storage, room to display and functionality. Kitchen islands are becoming a staple to kitchen design features, allowing for seating and a central place for people to gather around when entertaining or for children to eat breakfast. Kitchen islands are providing a more informal way of dining that goes with the modern family dynamic.

Formal dining rooms are becoming unnecessary for some homeowners who prefer kitchen island seating or a little breakfast nook for their dining or entertaining experience.

3. Updated and Easy-to-Use Kitchen Technology

From Smartwatches to Smartphones, wireless technology is part of our everyday life. Therefore, our kitchens should also perform to our 21st-century lifestyle standards. How much technology do you have in your home? Has it migrated into your kitchen yet?

Kitchen gadgets can be seamlessly integrated into your home for an elevated, easy experience. And it is such a necessary kitchen design feature! One easy way to bring technology into your kitchen is through a new touch faucet. Touch faucets can help prevent the spread of germs, save water and provide a convenience factor for you. In addition to the touch faucet there are numerous other smart appliances and gadgets to integrate into your kitchen design that will make your life easier. Some technology can be operated from your phones or even connected to your Alexa or Google device. We have had a touchless Delta kitchen faucet in our kitchen for 5 years and it is AWESOME!

4. Statement Lighting in a Kitchen

5. The Comeback of Color

If your home is full of neutral or gray tones, try freshening up your kitchen with a splash of color. Color may remind you of the dated kitchen you grew up with or your grandma’s house. I am here to tell you color is making a comeback in a fresh new way! Backsplashes can be a great place to start to incorporate a little color into your kitchen design. There are so many tasteful colors and designs for backsplashes these days, they can be personalized to you and your design style. Another way to bring in pops of color in your kitchen is by having open shelving where dishes or kitchen accessories can be seen and displayed. Other options you could consider are painting an accent wall, adding a bold window treatment or painting your cabinetry.

When adding color, it is important to consider the emotional impact it may have on you and other users. Lucky for you we are color experts and are here to help!

Need a Color Consultation?

Ready to Refresh your kitchen?

Updating your kitchen design features, whether that be small or large, can bring much needed joy to you and the other users. Kitchens have become the heart of most homes, so it is important for your kitchen to reflect you family’s lifestyle. By updating your dysfunctional features, you will feel a brand-new energy and immediately see the difference in the functionality you were lacking before.

If you’re ready for an expert to bring function and beauty to your space, we’ve got your back! Let’s chart soon and get to know each other.

Xoxo, Jill

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  1. Great ideas! My home is full of neutrals and grays, however, I am trying really hard to change my style. To add some color, I have added some accent pieces. Baby steps 😀

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