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Interior Design, More Than Just a Name

Recently, I was contacted by a local couple who hired an interior designer to complete a large project in their home. A week into their project things started to go wrong. Their project was one disaster after another, and they were extremely frustrated an disgruntled by the way in which they had been mislead by their “interior designer”. This person not only had ZERO training in the field of interior design, she had NO INSURANCE.

There is a reason our training takes so long. We have IN DEPTH knowledge about everything for residential/commercial interiors from flooring,  lighting, textiles and furniture (to name a recognizable few). Did you know that commercial projects have even more regulations than residential? Don’t put your family and the public in danger by hiring someone who is not qualified for your project.

Interior Designer. It is more than just calling yourself an interior designer (really, anyone in MN can do that- scary, we know). It is many years of school, yearly continuing education, not to mention years of research and sacrifice building our businesses. Interior designers take so many things into consideration when planning a project. Don’t be fooled by amateurs, ensure the success of your project by hiring a renovation

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