How to Bring Fall into Your Home… without the Clutter

Are you ready to declutter your home for Fall? I know I am.

As hard as it to say goodbye to summer there is something about fall that everyone loves. There is nothing better than seeing the leaves change color and the feeling you get when you can finally take your sweaters out of storage. Fall is all about fresh apples, crisp fall air, Friday night football and all things spooky.

When the seasons change fall becomes a time where the clothes, home decor, activities, and food seem cozier. We start to break out the sweaters and layer up. Fall colors and decorations are brought into the home to set the mood for Halloween and Thanksgiving. All things fall start to overwhelm your life and home to make you feel cozy and warm, but they do not have to mean cluttered.

To help you prep your home for fall I will share my best tips and tricks for you. I want to help you create a welcoming and cozy home that is relaxing and decluttered.

1. Prioritize Texture Over Clutter

Every store you go into right now is overloaded with fall decor. You may think that grabbing the cute new fall pillows and throw will be a great fall addition to your current decor, well I got news for you. They might be super cute but after a few days they just seem to get in the way, adding clutter to your room and life. And the point of this was to declutter your home for Fall, right? Ha!

I am not saying don’t get the fall decor but consider swapping the new fall stuff out with the existing ones. When you’re looking to purchase new decor try selecting things that can be used year-round but still evoke the fall, cozy feeling you are going for. A knit blanket may be great in your room for fall, but it can also be prefect to be used year-round.

A great way to minimize what you are bringing into your home for fall is to incorporate textures. By adding a fall texture such as a knit, cashmere, flannel, velvet or faux fur you can elevate what you already have with a hint of something new. All while adding zero clutter!

2. Favor Warm & Earthy Fall Colors

One of the oldest tricks in the book is adding fall colors to your home. Warm fall colors automatically create a warm fuzzy feeling while adding zero clutter. Color is always a great way to liven up any room and can be done in a variety of different ways, from a small scale to a large scale.

To minimize the clutter, fall colors can be used by adding pillows, throws, or rugs in earthy-toned colors. Artwork is another great way to incorporate a variety of fall tones that may be used within a piece. If you are a die-hard fall color lover, painting a wall or room in an earthy fall tone may a great option for you that will be a reminder all year round.

3. Spice Up Your Sense of Smell

A super simple way to bring fall into your home is through the use of scents. Candles, incense or plug-ins are all great options that offer a wide range of options that will have your nose working overtime. Small candles take up minimal space, where as wall plug-ins can be hidden and are completely out of the way. Both options are great for your home if you’re looking to add zero clutter.

Some great places to get fall candles that are inexpensive are Amazon, Target or Bath and Body Works. Some fan favorite scents tend to be cinnamon, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, pine and many more. With all the options to choose from, you are bound to find one you can enjoy.

4. Add Small, Meaningful Touches of the Outdoors

If you do not want to go out and purchase all new, fall decor taking a walk outside can provide you with inspiration. Fall foliage can be a great, easy option to incorporate fall into your home. Break out the clippers and pull some branches from trees together to create beautiful arrangements.

Foliage can bring so much to a room when placed on a mantel, bookshelf, table, or even in a little vase. Adding a little something here and there in your home can give you a great reminder of fall and can easily be thrown out or replaced, with no cost to you. You can also use it for kindling in your fireplace!

5. Spread It All Out

When it comes to fall decorating it can quickly clutter up spaces. To minimize the clutter spread small touches of fall throughout your whole home. When you focus on small additions to multiple spaces it spreads things out, rather than overpowering one particular room.

But Wait...

As the seasons change so does your decor. Organizing where and how you store your decorations is key. While you bring out your fall things, put your summer items away nicely in organized, labels boxes. Place them all together in a safe place where you will remember so that when the snow melts and the leaves return to the trees, you know exactly where everything is.

Everyone loves fall and there is something so fun and exciting about decorating for the season. Remember my tips and tricks when you are decorating your home for the cozy weather and holidays. I am a pro and I am happy to answer any questions you may have or help you decorate your home! Good luck as you declutter your home for Fall. Tell us how you did in the comments. 

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Xoxo, Jill

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