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7 Ways to Hang Artwork In Your Home

Have you ever struggled with how and where to hang artwork in your home? Hanging art within your home can be an overwhelming process but we are here to teach you that it does not have to be. We will be sharing with you seven ways to hang artwork in your home to create that special look in each of your rooms. It is our goal to inspire you to add a few more pieces or rearrange the existing ones in your home to create a more pleasing look. And if you need help, please reach out.

1. Clustered-  Using many pieces in varying sizes and shapes, the artwork is grouped together in small arrangements or clusters to create small areas of interest in specific areas. This need not be perfectly symmetrical to appear symmetrical.

2. Linear– Using a hanging bar for art pieces, your artwork is hung in a line horizontally or vertically to emphasize rhythm and balance within a room.

3. Grid system– Your precise measuring and planning will come into play with this method. Your artwork is hung in precise rows or “grids” to enhance order and symmetry. Long live the engineers. Haha.

4. Salon-style displays are a dramatic way to showcase your collection by placing artwork in close proximity to one another. This is a great selection if you have a large collection to showcase and a lack of wall space to hang by any other means.

5. Shelves– is where small pieces of artwork are placed on floating shelves and therefore leaned against the back of the shelf. This is a great method if you wish to change your artwork frequently. This is great for parents that wish to showcase their “littles” works of art.

6. The Leaning method is great for very tall pieces in rooms with a casual feel. You may have seen this method used in the past with large mirrors.

7. Singular– when you have one large piece of artwork to use as a statement piece hung up within a room. This is great for those one of a kind pieces commissioned by local artists.


Lastly, here are a few of my favorite collections of budget-friendly artwork. If you need any additional assistance, please let us know, we would be happy to help. 

Oliver Gal


LeftBank Art





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