Give Your Eyes A Rest

For the past three years we have occupied a historic storefront in downtown Hastings, Minnesota. During this time we have met with hundreds

Fabric from Trend Fabrics

of clients and hosted many special events, shot video footage and photos, proudly showcasing our creativity and design studio space. We regularly encourage feedback from our visitors, to which we evaluate and implement changes if possible. We bounced an idea off one of our early patrons; having a sample wall of valances completed in all one color. This suggestion was met with an overwhelming, YES!

Although we have a great deal of creativity going on among (and on) the wall of our samples, some clients have a difficult time envisioning a specific sample treatment on their windows with the fabric of their choice. We recently added several treatments in a neutral color so our visitors can view the shape and style of the treatment rather than be distracted by the pattern of fabric we may have used on the treatment itself. With the simple addition of these visual tools for our clients it will take the focus away from the distracting, possibly undesirable fabric in order to focus attention on the beauty of the design. What do you think?


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