Gift Giving Guide-Ages 5 & Under

It’s that time of year again where we need to start planning for the holiday season, this includes the gift buying. Shopping for your family and friends can be so fun, but sometimes a little stressful. Buying gifts for others can be tricky depending on how close you are to the individual and their age. The little ones in your life can be some of the funniest people to shop for. All the adorable little things just make your heart explode from a cuteness overload. To help you narrow down your choices we have done our research and have a list of today’s hottest gifts for your little ones!


Let’s start with kids five and younger. These ages tend to be the easier of the bunch as the level of development ranges greatly but almost anything is appreciated and loved by the child or their parents. Clothes, maybe even masks this year, stuffed animals, books and other small things are always solid gift choices that you can never go wrong with choosing. Listed below are a few more ideas that are a little more specific, where you can follow the link to check out for yourself.

Playing doctor is 10 times better when your patient is an adorable puppy. This little set is perfect for any child that has stuffed animals to use their imagination!
The perfect little book for any age with one essential lesson: No matter what they look like or where they are, they have value.
Designed by two moms with backgrounds in family therapy and early education, these snuggly animals sharpen kids emotional intelligence with great bedtime stories.
For the younger kids try a high contrast stuffed animal that is an activity center with crinkling, squeaking and teething accessories that is super adorable.
For the little sports stars in your life try the adjustable indoor outdoor basketball hoop that includes 3 small balls.

This list is just a start but maybe it will give you some additional ideas to find the perfect gift for the children in your life. Whatever you get them they will love, so do not stress, enjoy your holiday season!

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