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Every year I say I am going to make a fun holiday gift idea list, otherwise known as “a few of my favorite things”. And BOOM, this year, finally, here it is! Of course, my FAVORITE THING is just being with the people that I love, but the next best thing is seeing them open a gift that is perfect for them or just for fun. These are also great ideas for a gift exchange or for some of your besties. 

I have curated a list of 10 things from Amazon to make shopping easy for you. However, if you like to shop local to get yourself in the holiday spirit and help small businesses, most can be found at local stores as well. I will be adding a few more holiday gift guides with different themes until Christmas. Happy holidays!


 Plush Marshmallow Slipper with Bow

 For: “the napper”

 I wear slippers all of the time in the winter. So much so, they typically get worn out after one winter. The memory foam helps them stay comfortable longer. AND the bow, so cute! You can find it here: Plush Marshmallow Slipper With Bow



Laptop Bag/Backpack for Women

 For: “the gal on the go”

 Backpack/Bag combos are super convenient. You can carry it like a purse or put it on your back to free up your arms in a pinch. You can find it here: Laptop Bag/Backpack For Women




Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

 For: “the runner”

 These babies are sweatproof, last 30 hours and come with a sweet case. You can find it here: Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds


Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette

 For: “the girlie girl”

 I have been a Bobbi Brown skincare fan for 20 years! She is a former makeup artist and knows her stuff about skin. Her annual lip and eye palettes are amazing and will last you for years. You can find it here: Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette


Echo Dot Kids Edition

 For: “the kids”

 I have one of these little gems in my design showroom. It turns on my music, operates my window shades and answers all of the goofy questions that I ask it. You can find it here: Echo Dot Kids Edition


Name Gold Bar Necklace

 For: Mom, sister or best friend

 These necklaces remind me of the “Carrie” necklace that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex In The City. Super fun! You can find it here: Name Gold Bar Necklace


Biscotti Cookies Basket

 For: “the foodie”

 You can’t go wrong with food. It will not be exchanged for a different size or color, one size fits all. You can find it here: Biscotti Cookies Basket


Coffee Mug

 For: “the coffee lover”

 My son got me a Yeti two years ago and I am not a coffee drinker. However, I use it EVERYDAY for my ice water. It even travels with me…BEST gift ever! You can find it here: Coffee Mug


Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

 For: “the serious caffeine addict”

 I purchased this last year for my husband and son who LOVE espresso and cappuccino. They were spending a ton on those specialty drinks. I am sure this has saved us a few hundred this past year. You can find it here: Espresso and Cappuccino Maker


Jewelry Case

 For: “the traveler”

 I am such a savage when it comes to my costume jewelry. I typically just throw it in an empty shoe or plastic bag in my suitcase. I think it is time I grow up and purchase this sexy gadget. You can find it here: Jewelry Case





I hope you had fun with this gift-giving guide. I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, or for yourself! Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I add some themed gift-giving guides for the holidays.

 Which of these was your favorite? Any that you know you’ll be picking up before the holidays? I’d love to hear!





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Images Sources: All images are credited to the sources linked for each gift.

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