Exterior Makeover Tips To Add Curb Appeal

The gloomy, cloudy days of winter can make the exterior of your home look dull and
boring. Even the most beautiful home can look a little drab. Sprucing up the exterior of a
home can be a big job! A few simple changes can give your home the perfect dose of
color and warmth needed to stand out for the rest of the winter. So let’s look at a few
makeover tips to add curb appeal.

A Thorough Cleaning Goes a Long Way

Tip #1- A thorough cleaning goes a long way! The simplest, low-cost way to add curb appeal is to do a good clean-up. Grime and mold often go unnoticed, so if you don’t want to paint, consider renting or borrowing a pressure washer. They are great for quickly removing dirt from siding, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks. After power washing, they will look like new!

Remove the Gaudy & Add the Gorgeous

Tip #2 – Never underestimate the importance of curb appeal! Overgrown lawns mar any landscape; pulling weeds is a job that never seems to be finished. Don’t forget to maintain the edges alongside driveways and walkways, the clean corners will give an impression of crispness and cleanliness. Decorative lawn ornaments can bring a personal touch to a yard until they start deteriorating from the weather elements…then it
is time to remove them for a tidier landscape. 

You can never go wrong with sprucing up the exterior of your home by adding pots or seasonal plants for pops of color.

No Remodel Needed to Refresh the Home

Tip #3 – It doesn’t require a remodel in order to refresh a home. First impressions matter! Warm up the concrete with a new doormat. Give your mailbox a makeover! Paint it. Paint is a wonderful, quick, and cost-effective way to bring life to so many things, and mailboxes are no exception.  

Sprucing up the front door can be an inexpensive way to add curb appeal. Consider changing the front door handle set coordinated with the same finish as the house numbers and exterior light fixtures.

Repave or reseal your driveway for instant curb appeal! Besides being attractive, outdoor light fixtures provide light for security and safety purposes they protect against falls. A combination pathway, landscaping, and entryway lighting enhance the exterior of your home with a lot of curb appeal. If you love your current landscaping lights, and they are still in working order, but they just need to be refreshed, paint them! As I mentioned earlier, paint is a wonderful way to bring things back to life!

Make Your Front Porch Inviting 

Tip #4 – Even in the winter you can make your front porch inviting! Front porch decorating is a sure-fire way to add curb appeal to your home.

Don’t go overboard and add too much furniture; a few comfortable chairs, a porch swing, or a table and a few chairs work nicely for added curb appeal. Even living in the Midwest, where winters can be brutal, adding a cozy seating area with few chairs and a small table can make your front porch inviting. Consider adding a few pillows and a fur throw; this demonstrates to guests/neighbors you enjoy and use your front porch for relaxation.

With winter soon approaching and the days becoming shorter, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your home a bit. We all want our home to look great for the holidays. Hopefully, our blog has provided you with some inspiration, as well as a few ideas to get you started!  If you’re looking to refresh your space inside and out, we can help! Book a discovery call with us and let’s get to know each other.



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