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Discover Your Design Aesthetic

How to discover your ideal interior design aesthetic in 3 easy steps!

Homes reflect the people that live in them, including personal taste, likes and dislikes, along with family memories. Most people do not have just one single “style” within their home, it is typically a combination of a few different ones and that is okay.

There are a few steps that you can take on your own and a few others we can work together on to discover and create your ideal interior design aesthetic.

uttermost- furniture- tables- artwork- upholstery- hastings- minnesota- eye candy

1. How to Get Design Inspiration for Your Own Home

If you are like me, you love to collect pretty images that inspire you. Whether it is a shelf magazine, a screenshot, saving a post on social media or pinning on a board within Pinterest, I’ll bet you have a collection somewhere. Have you ever considered arranging these images on a physical or virtual “design” board? You might be surprised how many of your selected images are similar in ways you never expected. THIS is one of the best ways to begin to understand one’s interior design aesthetic.

If you need a little boost in this category, let me help you get started. Do you have any magazines sitting around? Flip through them after you are finished reading the articles and tear out any pages with images that you love, without thinking. Or when you are perusing through social media sites, do the same, except take screenshots of images that you love. Don’t think about it, just follow your gut.

2. How to Find Your Design Themes

Now go through all your sources, including magazines, screenshots, and Pinterest boards, etc. to find common design themes in most of your photos. Do you see lots of bright colors? Clean lines? Gray hues? Farmhouse furniture? If you get stuck, we will help guide you through this step.

Not only is it important that you take note of the things you do like, but it is important to note the things you do NOT like as well. This helps assist me in avoiding those items that cause you stress or irritation. Yes, this is a thing.

3. How to Make Interior Design Unique to You

Using the results of this exercise, I will use the design details that you love. While also incorporating items that you already have in your space, to create the perfect unique interior design aesthetic especially for you.

We also take note of additional important things in each room including form, function, and feeling to help further define the way the design aesthetic is expressed throughout your home. For instance, you may wish to have a relaxing design aesthetic in your master bathroom however, in your family room, a more vibrant and exciting aesthetic may be desired.

Now get out there and begin researching to discover what your unique interior design style is. Don’t forget to share with us in the comment below! If you are stuck, we would be happy to help. Get ready to fall in love with your home all over again.

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