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Create A Holiday Floral Arrangement

How would you like to learn how to create a holiday floral arrangement? Well, today is the day. Finally, we have a day without snow, thank goodness! As promised, here is the next installment of my outdoor holiday decorating projects I created for you. Today I will be filling and decorating the large pots on my front porch. These black-painted cement pots are one of my favorite things. No matter the season, they always make a statement to those entering our front door, flanking the entrance. In the middle of winter, they are a joy to look at, and best of all, they match my peacock-colored front door! And we all know how much I like a theme 🙂

As I mentioned in our wreath tutorial and video, I purchased some spruce tips from Scouts of America and some bundles of pine, arborvitae, and balsam branches. 

I have written a tutorial (below) and shot a video for you showing the method I use to create fabulous holiday floral arrangement porch pots for very little cost. I hope it inspires you to create something spectacular for yourself!

Tools and materials needed:

How to Make Your Own
  1. Cut open potting soil and pour it into the pots. Use a knife to loosen if frozen.
  2. Place birch logs (3 is a good number) towards the back of the pots.
  3. Place spruce tips towards the back and make sure they are secure. Cut with a saw or nippers if you need to shorten them.
  4. Place pine branches, boxwood branches, Arborvitae branches, and Eucalyptus branches in the pot. Be sure and space it apart, throughout the pot.
  5. Place the curly willow branches throughout the pot. 
  6. Place colorful sprays in the pot (3 is a good number).
  7. Place the decorative holiday balls around the pot, securing them with floral wire.

Or you can watch the video here

Be sure to share your holiday floral arrangement finished projects with us. And if you have some extra time, make a matching wreath too. We would love to see what amazing creations you dream of!

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