Traditional white powder room with white rattan accented sink vanity- White rattan vanity stool reupholstered with performance fabric in white- Walls covered in a blue and white wallpaper by Thibaut that resembles the ocean- Impressive Windows and Interiors - Hastings, MN

The Truth About 9 Common Wallpaper Myths

During a recent family get together, we were looking through some of my grandmother’s old photos. It’s always fun to reminisce! We were looking at the decorating trends, which prompted memories of my first wallpapering lesson which was taught to me by my grandmother! Which also included the painful removal process of the old vintage chintz patterned wallpaper on the current wall….ugh.

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While wallpaper has been around for years, it is very much on-trend and never actually went out of style. Many people overlook the beauty of wallpaper, so let’s debunk some common wallpaper myths.

Top designs trends for 2021 Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings, MN

Wallpaper is Outdated

Wallpaper myth #1 –  Not true, it is back in a big way! Wallpaper is the best way to personalize a room; breathe life into a space and make it your own. Today’s wallpaper is typically used as an accent, not a main wallcovering. It’s available in large prints, which are ideal for covering an accent wall.  You can also find wallpaper in solid colors with texture.  These types of wallpaper applications are tasteful, timeless, and totally fashionable!

Wallpaper is a Huge Commitment

Wallpaper myth #2 – If wallpaper is used as an accent, the investment level and labor commitment decrease significantly.  In other words, wallpaper can be used on one or two walls instead of an entire room.  This can help make wallpaper purchasing and installation more affordable and manageable. If you want to add a little bit of pattern to a space, or you are using a bold print and don’t want it to overwhelm a room, a wallpapered accent wall is a great choice! 

White lacquer furniture with gold accents- Decorative display of greenery- Kelly green and white patterned wallpaper by Thibaut- Impressive Windows and Interiors - Hastings, MN
Black and white chevron wallpaper by Thibaut- contemporary style vanity with brushed nickel accents- metal leaf sconces- round barn wood mirror in a dark finish- Impressive Windows & Interiors - Hastings, MN

Wallpaper is Feminine

Wallpaper myth #3 – Unlike feminine wallpaper patterns of the past, today’s selections span every color, pattern, texture, and subject matter imaginable!

Patterns can be anything from floral to woodsy to geometric. There is definitely something for everyone!

Wallpaper is Busy

Wallpaper myth #4 – As I mentioned earlier, wallpaper not only offers prints, but solids as well. A great choice for a solid, is grass-cloth wallpaper.  It brings gorgeous texture and sophisticated style to a room. An advantage of using patterned wallpaper as an accent is it won’t clutter a room and make it seem too busy.

Dinette area in kitchen- teal small scale wallpaper- custom blue patterned cushion with matching throw pillows- custom upholstered chairs in large scale blue fabric- Impressive Windows and Interiors Hastings MN
Bedding canopy headboard and quilt all created with Thibaut fabric- Impressive Windows & Interiors - Hastings, MN

Wallpaper is Limiting

Wallpaper myth #5 – Not true! There are no rules. You can mix as many patterns as you want in a single room. In fact mixing patterns, textures, color, and even installation direction can add designer-quality to a room. For example, you could hang a pattern or striped wallpaper horizontally instead of vertically!

Wallpaper and Modern Style Don’t Mix

Wallpaper myth #6 – Wallpaper isn’t just for floor-to-ceiling walls. It can be used above a chair rail, as a backsplash, in a cozy reading nook, on a ceiling, base of a bar or kitchen island, a headboard, back of shelves, and even used as accent artwork! Use your imagination….the possibilities are endless!

Guest bedroom- custom roman shade with blue and white fabric by Thibaut- green blue and white large scale floral on custom upholstered headboard- blue and white trellis fabric used on pillows made with Thibaut fabric- walls papered in a white and blue trellis pattern by Thibaut from their Monterey collection- Impressive Windows and Interiors - Hastings, MN
transitional design dining room

Wallpaper And Artwork Don’t Mix

Wallpaper myth #7 – Hanging art is easy! It’s choosing the color that goes behind it which can be tricky. Before you hang art on a wall, consider the backdrop. A funky, unusual wallpaper doesn’t necessarily clash with pictures or photographs. The combination on both can be extremely appealing.  When deciding which picture(s) to hang on the patterned wall, trust your intuition. Just try a few variations by holding pictures up to the wall. *Design tip – use craft paper and plan out your artwork on the floor before making any holes in your wall.

Wallpaper is Labor-Intensive 

Wallpaper myth #8 – Wallpaper is not as labor intensive as one might think.  One reason for the increased popularity in today’s wallpaper products is that they are easier to work with than the older versions. It’s still a form of art to hang wallpaper correctly!  Depending on the product, wallpaper comes pre-pasted, and soaking the paper in water activates the adhesive. Another method is to apply the adhesive directly to the wall; this method tends to be less messy than brushing the adhesive on the back of the paper and transferring the wallpaper to the wall.

Decorative distressed wood side table with greenery- Multicolored floral wallpaper by Thibaut- Impressive Windows and Interiors- Hastings MN
Woven wallcovering in a taupe color by Thibaut- brushed nickel side table with floral and misc bathroom accessories- Impressive Windows and Interiors - Hastings, MN

Wallpaper is Not Eco-Friendly

Wallpaper myth #9 – Wallpaper can be very eco-friendly! There is actually no set formula, however, having no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is a great start. Many manufacturers offer VOC-free wallpapers. These are made from renewable and recycled materials and water-based inks. This also means they contain fewer chemicals and toxins. Alternatively, look for wallpaper made from recycled paper or natural materials. Some wallpapers are even made with recycled newspaper, burlap, or cork.

There is no denying the wow-factor of great wallpaper. Wallpaper ideas are a great way to jazz up a room without adding unnecessary décor and clutter. Today’s possibilities are endless!  Go ahead….cover up that boring painted wall and add a bold wallpaper print and see your room decorate itself!

Below is a list of some of our favorite trade resources for designer wallpaper. If you would like samples, please reach out to let us know:

To get a professional eye on your walls before deciding on paint or wallpaper, reach out to us!



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