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7 Styling Tips To Decorate Your Shelves Like A Pro

Would you like to learn how to decorate your shelves like an interior designer? You are not alone. One of the most common decorating dilemmas we get asked about is how to arrange items on shelving. While this can frustrating, we are here to guide you through how to decorate your shelves with a few pointers:

1. When you begin, you may get overwhelmed by the enormity of your project. To avoid becoming overcome by this feeling, I suggest thinking of the open spaces within the shelves as individual spaces rather than a whole. If you need assistance, we would be happy to help.

2. Try to Incorporate numerous shapes within each space to add interest to the eye (round, oval, square; tall, short and flat). Also, try and add some items with less overall mass than others. For instance, rather than a ball, add a large, oversized jack.

3. Use books or other flat items to elevate or create height if needed. This method can be used when using shorter items so that they do not get lost on the higher shelves.

4. Hang items on the back of the shelf wall. Great options for this are plates, trays, smaller artwork, wreaths, etc.

5. Line the back of the shelves with wallpaper with a texture or pattern, or paint a contrasting color. Did you know that some wallpaper companies are making options that are peelable and reusable if you would like to switch up your decor and desire less commitment to your overall choices.

6. Use several types of finishes for all of your objects (shiny, matte and patterned). Remember you CAN mix and match different metals in decor now 🙂

7. Use several different sizes of items within each shelf space without appearing too cluttered. A small bird with a large wreath or a large bird and a small wreath. Feel free to play with proportion here and make it fun. If you do not like it, move it.

If you still are feeling overwhelmed, just give us a quick call and we will set up an accessory call to get your project completed in no time. 

Layer, layer, layer!!



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