upholstered bench with pink and orange fabric and nailheads

To Reupholster or NOT to Reupholster

Fabric is a great way to transform pieces that may otherwise be tossed into a landfill. Older pieces from yard sales, Craigslist or family heirlooms may be worth holding onto and reupholstering with the fabric of your dreams. You see, when an item becomes cheaper and cheaper (ie. furniture, electronics, appliances, automobiles, etc.) the lower quality of materials manufacturers use on the INSIDE of the items, areas you cannot see. This is where most of the compromises to quality and longevity come in. In furniture, you will see staples instead of screws in the joints, particle board and cardboard instead of solid wood, and low-quality foam that has broken down before it’s time. If you have questions as to whether or not your piece is worth recovering, call or email us. We provide you with a little upholstery education, and if requested a no-obligation quote via the phone or email so you may make an educated decision.

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