5 Ways to Use Statement Wallpaper to Add Personality to Your Home

Statement wallpaper can be a game-changer in interior design. It can surprise and delight even those who may be skeptical about wallpaper. It is a fantastic alternative to plain paint, injecting artistic flair, texture, and personality into a space. Not only does it get people talking, but it also sparks conversations in the best ways by creating memorable and visually captivating focal points in a room. Whether it’s bold patterns, intricate designs, or textured wallpapers, they can transform a space into something unique and captivating. Here are 5 ways to add them to your space…

1. Decide to Play it Safe or Go Big and Bold

Using statement wallpaper sparingly as an accent wall can create a striking focal point in a room. It draws attention to a particular area and can complement coordinating decor elements. On the other hand, in smaller spaces like a powder room or a cozy study, embracing bold statement wallpaper on all walls can infuse the room with drama and personality, making it an immersive design experience. 

In our portfolio, we’ve successfully employed this strategy, using statement wallpapers to enhance the scale and ambiance of various spaces, from elegant dining rooms to chic home offices, demonstrating the versatility of this design approach.


2. Creatively Mix and Match Patterns

Using statement wallpaper isn’t limited to a single pattern. Mixing and matching different patterns, textures, colors, and even changing installation directions can add depth and a designer-quality touch to a space. This layering of elements can create visual interest, evoke specific moods, and elevate the overall aesthetic, resulting in a more dynamic and personalized interior design.


3. Select Furniture that adds Visual Depth and Texture

Choosing furniture and decor that are neutral or complementary to the statement wallpaper is essential to allow the wallpaper to be the star of the show. However, incorporating a variety of textures in the room is still crucial. These textures can create depth and visual interest, preventing the space from feeling one-dimensional and adding a layer of richness that complements the wallpaper beautifully. It’s all about striking the right balance between letting the wallpaper shine and creating a harmonious, multi-dimensional interior.


4. Embrace Wallpaper’s Versatility

Wallpaper is incredibly versatile and can be used beyond just the walls. It can be a stunning backdrop for built-in shelving, cabinetry, wet bars, and even ceilings, adding unexpected visual interest to various design elements. In our portfolio, we’ve incorporated statement wallpaper in unique ways, like using it on the back panels of bookshelves to create a captivating focal point or on the ceiling to infuse a sense of whimsy and personality into a space. These unconventional applications can truly transform a room and showcase the versatility of wallpaper in interior design.


5. Pair the Paper with Curated Art or Let it Shine Alone

Wallpaper doesn’t have to play a secondary role; it can coexist beautifully with a curated art collection. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance to avoid visual competition. We’ve successfully integrated statement wallpaper alongside art collections by selecting complementary colors and patterns. This approach ensures that the wallpaper and art pieces enhance each other, creating a harmonious and visually engaging environment.

Need help choosing wallpaper that works with your furniture, decor, and, of course, personal aesthetic? We’re here to help! Give us a call.



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