5 Helpful Tips for Fresh and Festive Holiday Decor

One of the best parts of the holiday season is decorating. Homes and businesses transform into magical places that as soon as you walk in the door you feel the holiday magic and cheer. This year more than ever we are looking for these special moments where you instantly feel joy walking into a space and are reminded of all the things you should be thankful for this year. But have you ever walked into a home or business that just takes the holiday decor to an over the top level where you feel distracted and that it is too much? The decor in the space is just too much that the magic and cheer get lost in the chaos.

To capture the magic of the holiday season for you and your guests to enjoy you must focus on the quality and cohesiveness of your holiday decor. When you focus on those two things you can create an effortlessly elegant and beautiful holiday decor design that you will love and bring you cheer this holiday season!

To help make your life easier I have 5 great tips for curating a collection of holiday art and decor that is gorgeous, classic, and something you will be able to enjoy year after year.

1. Pick a Palette

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First off pick a color palette and stick with it! You could choose the iconic red and green, or silver and blue or maybe even gold with a pop of color, or you could also try going with neutral colors for a nature-infused vibe. Whatever you choose it is important to use these colors and patterns throughout your home. Each room within your home should have the same color palette so the whole house works as one whole design.

2. Mix Up the Materials

A great way to elevate your decor is with a mix of different materials. Try to avoid cheap plastic pieces, instead try to incorporate a mix of wood, metal, glass, or durable fabrics that will elevate your typical design to a new sophisticated, elegant level. The key to this is to incorporate different materials in each room of your home, just like the color palette, designing the home as a whole, not just an individual room.

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3. Rely on Reflection

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Mirrors are a great way to accessories your home all year round, but when it comes to holiday decorating, they can be an important piece to elevating your holiday design. Mirrors can be used to reflect the twinkling lights of a tree into other parts of your home or make your room feel larger. Some great places to hang a mirror is in a hallway, perpendicular to the front door, dining room or opposite of a beautiful view such as a tree or other holiday decor. You should avoid placing a mirror in the kitchen, or behind a sofa or chair.

4. Invest in a Look that will Last

One of the most important things is to invest in something the will last. Your holiday decor is only on display for a little over a month typically. This means if you invest in some quality pieces it should last year after year. Do not spend money on cheap items that will break after a single season, the higher end pieces are with the investment. When you have pieces that you love that can be used year after year you do not have to reimagine each space each year because you will have what you need already to decorate it again and again. Some great places to look for quality holiday decor that we love are Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Anthropologie, or CB2.

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5. Respect the Rule of 3

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This last tip is not just a great to keep in mind when doing your holiday decorating, but it is a great decorating tip in general. The rule of 3 is one of the fundamentals of design. Try to vary items with different heights and materials in sets of 3 on often forgotten spaces on shelves or tables that will help elevate your design aesthetic in a room. When you carefully consider every detail within your room’s decor, in a simple and elegant way, the whole room will magically come together in a way you never thought was possible. But make sure you keep things simple and do not go overboard.

This year when we are all spending a little extra time at home, our homes should be a place of holiday cheer, where we feel the magic of the holiday season. When you use these 5 easy tips to decorate your home you will instantly feel the magic of the seasons won’t mind spending a little more time at home.

If you have questions about whether you are on the right track with your decorating, ask us below in the comments! Or reach out to us.

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