5 Design Features that will Get Your Airbnb Noticed

Are you ready to learn about five design features that will get your Airbnb noticed?

With the state our country is in, it may seem like a bad time to update your Airbnb property, BUT it isn’t! Let me explain. Right now, you may be working from home, finding yourself with a lot more free time. Maybe you are getting the creative, do-something itch from sitting around too often at home. Well updating your Airbnb property can be a great little project for you to conquer in your free time. Plus, Airbnb’s are personal and not like a hotel. People are more interested in staying in their “own” place in today’s climate.

Today, working from home or remotely is becoming the new norm. People are interested in leaving their crowded cities where they don’t feel safe. Or people are escaping their homes for longish-term vacations or just for a change of scenery. If you update your Airbnb to compete in this new market people will want to stay with you over their other options.

Well-designed Airbnb’s are getting consistent bookings, booking for higher rates, that’s just facts. People are looking for the experience Airbnb provides to them. Guests want to feel at home and in today’s world something that’s clean and private. In today’s climate, the privacy and sanitation of an Airbnb is a guest’s top priority, but it is not the only thing that draws them to a rental. Overall, well designed Airbnb’s provide a constant style and feel that the guests will remember. So it is always a good time to update your Airbnb property.

I am here to tell you my top five design tips to instantly take your Airbnb rental to the next level. Though I know sanitation is just as important as the tips I am about to share; I will not be going into depth on the subject. I encourage you to look at the CDC guidelines for cleaning to cover this important aspect of your Airbnb rental, as I am not a health expert.

1. Design for Your Dream Guest

When deciding to update your Airbnb property, you should first consider who are you targeting as your ideal guests. Are you looking to book families with young kids? Maybe professionals that are traveling for work? Or maybe you want to appeal to groups of bachelorette parties and your place needs to be totally Instagramable? Whoever you decide is your targeted audience it is important that your design choices reflect them and their needs. Because let’s be real, a family with kids will want something completely different than a group of wild 20-year-old women.

Families staying in your Airbnb may need a variety of places to sleep and a yard the kids can play in. A businessman in town for work may need a desk and an iron to get the wrinkles out of his clothes. The bachelorette party will want fun and staged places throughout the Airbnb that can be backdrops for their photoshoots. Whomever you are targeting it is important to keep them in mind when designing.  The little considerations you take into your design will be something your guests notice and appreciate that you thought of just for them.

You may think if you do not design for everyone you will be limiting the people who will book with you, but that is just not the case. By designing for your ideal guest, you will be attracting the right people. They will recognize the customized design they are dreaming of having for their particular trip and book with you. Your customized tailored design will stand out and will help attract more people that you want as well. 

2. Choose Materials that will Last

Your newly updated Airbnb property will begin to see high traffic from guests, so it is important that your design accommodates this high level of use. Try selecting materials that are durable and require little maintenance by you. Luxury vinyl flooring is a durable and affordable flooring option. When it comes to countertops a laminate may be inexpensive but is at high risk of damage and need of replacement. Consider using granite or quartz for your countertop upgrade. Both materials are more durable but may require a bit more of an investment compared to laminate.

It is important for you to weigh the costs and benefits of investing in quality materials. Materials that are durable will make maintaining an Airbnb easy for you will still appealing to your ideal guests.

Luxury vinyl flooring, granite, and quartz all have their own benefits. The luxury vinyl floor technology has grown. It now offers a wide variety of options that give off the luxury appearance you may desire without breaking the bank. Vinyl flooring stands up well to heavy foot traffic as well as being comfortable under the foot. It also reduces sound and is easily cleaned. This may be an important feature if your Airbnb has a pool, accommodates pets, or appeals to families with young children. Vinyl is also less expensive than many other flooring options and is easy to install and maintain. In today’s climate quartz can be a very beneficial and durable option for counters as it can be coated with an anti-bacterial solution and easily cleaned. 

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3. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Your guests are booking with you because of the experience you are going to provide specifically for them. The spaces you create must cater to several functions or experiences your guests will want. Consider having a breakfast nook that can be used in the morning for families enjoying a bowl of cereal together or a group of girls having bottomless mimosas on their weekend getaway. This breakfast nook then could be transformed into the table the family gathers around at night for a game of Uno. The idea is to have a space that is flexible and able to be used for a range of activities. The furniture you include, and the functionality of the space plays a major room in how it is used and what it can be used for as well.

4. Ensure Comfort, Not Just Beauty

The main reason people are booking an Airbnb is that they need someplace to sleep. The sleeping quarters should be one of your main focuses when it comes to upgrading your place. Invest in a good mattress, soft and clean bedding, and a variety of pillows so that your guests will feel that you care about their needs. You should also consider having extra blankets, bedding, and pillows available for guests in case anything happens.

If you have never considered spending a night here and there at your Airbnb, you should. It is very beneficial to experience what your guests experience when staying with you. This can be very helpful for you to see what is lacking and needs to be improved to ensure a good night’s sleep and experience for your guests. I promise you’ll walk away with a list of improvements every time. 

5. Offer Ample Storage Space for True Relaxation

Owning an Airbnb means you’re not a hotel, so don’t act like one. Offer things a hotel cannot like storage and the ability for your guests to unpack their suitcases. By providing storage, guests experience a change from living out of their suitcase to really settling in. Offer closets with a plethora of hangers and dressers that your guests can unpack and feel at home. Find a space where suitcases can be stored out of the way to encourage your visitors to unpack. Also, consider having a dedicated space for guests to store food, cold, and dry, regardless if you have a full kitchen for them to use or not.

If your Airbnb appeals to guests that may be visiting with large amounts of recreational equipment or other types of baggage be sure to take this into consideration.  Your guests will appreciate this and remember to book with you again. 

Making renovations to your Airbnb might seem expensive and out of reach right now. Remember if you are even considering making a few small changes they can have a great return investment. Whether you start small or decide to conquer the whole thing, it is important to remember, although looks matter, you are providing an experience like no other to your guests. This experience will guarantee the return investment and the number of targeted guests. 

If you would love a design professional’s help taking your property to the next level (or price tier), let’s chat!

Xoxo,  Jill

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