3 Steps to Selecting an Exterior Color Scheme that Pairs Perfectly with Your Home’s Style

Driving up to a home with a beautiful exterior is like encountering a work of art that instantly captivates your senses. The sight of perfectly coordinated colors, architectural details, and lush landscaping evokes a sense of admiration and curiosity. This home exudes elegance and uniqueness. It showcases a harmonious blend of bold yet tasteful colors that reflect the owner’s personality while harmonizing with the surroundings. 

Step 1: Figure Out the Look & Feel You Desire

Before embarking on your exterior color scheme journey, ponder the desired aura you want your home to emanate. Do you envision a bold statement, a sophisticated charm, a timeless classic, or perhaps an eclectic mix of hues? It’s worth noting that certain architectural styles naturally evoke specific emotions—like the warmth of a traditional home or the sleekness of a modern dwelling—so aligning your color choices with your desired ambiance can genuinely transform your home’s exterior into a reflection of your style and personality.

Step 2: Work with a Pro to Streamline Palette Options

We work with our clients to streamline their color palette options. We factor in architectural style, the desired aesthetic, Homeowners Association (HOA) guidelines, and the preservation of architectural details. By combining our expertise with these personalized considerations, we guide our clients towards a cohesive and harmonious color scheme that perfectly aligns with their vision and enhances the unique character of their home.


Step 3: Amplify Architectural Details with Accent Colors 

We assist clients in selecting accent colors that amplify their home’s architectural details, like columns, stonework, shutters, trim, and doors. Whether it’s through subtle nuances that add sophistication or bold choices that create striking contrasts, our approach depends on the overall style and preferences of the homeowner. By strategically incorporating these accent colors, we ensure that every design element harmonizes, creating a captivating exterior that draws attention to the home’s unique features.


Bonus: Desirable Palettes for Your Home’s Style

We often gravitate toward cool grays and steel blues for contemporary homes to enhance sleek lines and modern aesthetics. Colonial homes shine with classic whites and light grays, highlighting their timeless charm. Victorians can embrace brighter, three-color palettes that emphasize their intricate detailing. 

Craftsman homes resonate well with neutral earthy tones, complementing their natural materials and craftsmanship. Ultimately, our color choices are meticulously tailored to each home’s architectural style, aiming to elevate its unique attributes.

If you’re ready for a professional to help pick the perfect palette for your unique home, we’d be delighted to help! Reach out today!



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