7 Ways to Hang Artwork in Your Home

When decorating your home, there are numerous ways to hang artwork on your walls to create that special look in your room.

1. Clustered- Small groups are "clustered" together to create small groupings in specific areas. This need not be perfect symmetrical to appear symmetrical.

2. Linear- Pictures are hung in a line horizontally or vertically to emphasize rhythm and balance.

3. Grid- Pictures are hung in precise rows or "grids" to enhance order and symmetry.

4. Salon style- A dramatic way to showcase your collection by placing artwork in close proximity to one-another. This is a great selection if you have a large collection to showcase.

5. Shelves- Smaller artwork is placed on shelves and therefore leaned against the wall. Great method if you wish to change your artwork frequently.

6. Leaning- This method is great for tall pieces in rooms with a casual feel.

7. Singular- When you have one large piece of artwork to use as a statement piece in a room.

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